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Why Your Pores Need Stick Primer

Why Your Pores Need Stick Primer

Primer sticks: the easy-to-use, can’t-go-without beauty accessory everyone should have. Primer comes in both liquid and solid form. Is there a big difference between the two? Should you opt for liquid or solid primer? Read on to find out!

primer stick

Why use primer?

First off, why do you need to use primer when you’re going to cover it up with foundation anyway? Well, primer gets your face ready for foundation. It does double duty: It prevents sweat and oil accumulation on your skin which causes foundation loss, and it helps give foundation a better surface to stick on to than skin. Even better, it also smooths out skin, helping to hide pores, blur creases and fine lines, and help skin look more evenly textured. 

Stick primer vs. liquid primer

They both perform the same function, namely all the benefits of primer listed above. One just comes in liquid form and one in solid. With liquid primer, you can squeeze or pour a little out (depending on the packaging style) onto your sponge, brush, or fingertips. Stick primer, on the other hand, can be swiped on directly. Stick primer does have some advantages over liquid primer. 

Benefits of stick primer

Primer comes in liquid and solid (stick) forms. When should you use stick primer? And what are its benefits?

Convenience and ease of use Stick primers are super convenient and quick. You just need a few quick swipes around your face. 

No-mess Just a few swipes and you’re set to go, no need to mess with a separate sponge or other applicator. Plus, for the more accident-prone of us out there, you can’t spill it!

Better coverage Because they’re solid, stick primers are great pore-filling primers; they also tackle creases and fine lines just that much better. The primer stays together more once it’s on your face, allowing the skin to look smoother and more evenly textured than it would with a liquid primer. 

Our top stick primer recommendation

So now that you know why stick foundations are a good choice, we’ll share our recommendation for stick primer. Not only that, but we’ll do you one better and recommend one with the added benefit of portability for on-the-go touch-ups. 

Check out our No PoreBlem Priming Eraser. Although this is a liquid primer stick, it’s no-spill and as easy to use as a solid stick. It even comes with a cushion tip for easy application — no other tools needed!

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