A Makeup Company for All of Life’s Moments

“Hi, I’m Sean Lim, Founder of touch in SOL, and I want to take a moment to share with you why we do what we do at touch in SOL.

It all began as I continued to see people spend hours in cosmetics stores, each one trying on different products and feeling that rare sense of change that only makeup can bring. However, it’s also here that I realized makeup never actually makes someone beautiful. It simply helps reveal the beauty they had all along.

After spending hours in makeup stores observing how happy everyone looked, I began to notice a change. People were beginning to criticize themselves while testing products. Instead of enjoying the art of makeup, they were fixated on cosmetic flaws like enlarged pores, makeup creases, fallouts, and the list goes on.

I knew then that a reconnection needed to be made. I needed to restore the enjoyable moments that come with makeup and skincare. And ever since, it’s been touch in SOL’s mission to bring happiness back, to help others find their beauty, to inspire confidence, and to reconnect everyone with the beauty they never lost.”

— Sean Lim, Founder of touch in SOL