January 31, 2023

All About Liquid Foundation

Foundation: the one little product that forms the base for all other makeup. I mean, it’s literally called foundation! Once it’s on, you barely notice it’s there, and it doesn’t get the same recognition as, say, a really good lipstick or eyeshadow that pops. But foundation is an integral part of your makeup routine, so let’s talk about what to look for in a liquid foundation!

liquid foundation

Liquid vs. powder foundation

Let’s first talk about the differences between these two and who should use which. Powder foundation is good for those with oily skin, but it should be avoided by those with dry skin. Powder can highlight dry skin. Liquid foundation, on the other hand, can work for any type of skin depending on the formulation, but it is especially suited to dry or combination skin. Powder is generally more lightweight, although there are lightweight formulations of liquid foundation too. 

What To Look For in a Liquid Foundation

Lightweight coverage

You don’t want a foundation that’s going to feel like it’s caked on your skin. You want it to feel like you’ve got nothing on. So it’s definitely a big plus for a foundation to be lightweight.


It’s a huge added benefit if your foundation contains moisturizer! Sure, you can put on a layer of face cream before your foundation, but foundation that contains moisturizer helps you skip a step and be ready to face the world so much faster! 

Why do you even need moisturizer, though? Well, foundation can highlight flakes of dry skin and make your face look ashy. Not only that, but dry skin can also emphasize any fine lines or other signs of aging. Hydrated skin is plump, healthy skin! So while it’s not an absolute must that your foundation contain moisturizer, one that does can go a long way toward the overall look of your makeup.


A foundation that includes SPF does double duty. Look for an SPF of at least 30 for the best protection. Why do you need sunscreen? Glad you asked! Sunscreen obviously protects your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. The sun can damage skin, which can increase one’s chance of developing skin cancer. A lesser-known side effect is that sun exposure also increases the rate at which skin ages. 

Our recommendation 

If you’re looking for a liquid foundation that includes moisturizer and SPF and is lightweight, we recommend our Touch In Sol Advanced Real Moisture Liquid Foundation. But don’t just take our word for it check out a few of the reviews we’ve gotten: “This is by far THE BEST foundation EVER!” and “My all-time favorite foundation… This one doesn’t stick to my dry spots, wears so well over time, and is glowy/dewy. LOVE IT.”