January 26, 2023

Do I Really Need Eye Primer?

Do you use eye primer? Not to be confused with regular primer, primer specifically for the eyelids has so many benefits that you’ll wonder why you didn’t start using it sooner! By the end of this blog, we’re hoping we can convince you as to why you need it!

eye primer

How is eye primer different from regular primer?

Regular primer is all about creating a smooth canvas upon which to place your makeup. It helps your makeup stay on longer and can smooth out imperfections. Eye primer is very similar, but it is specially formulated to work better on the delicate eye area and to work well with the properties of eye makeup (as opposed to regular primer which is suited to foundation). Eye primer is a bit stickier in texture too. This is so it can hold dry eyeshadow.

What are the benefits of using eye primer?

  • Longer staying power for your eye makeup

You’ve invested quite a bit of time into perfecting those wings or that signature smoky look. You don’t want it ending up smudged halfway through the night! Eye primer has got your back. 

  • Prevents creasing 

Ever get through the day and then realize there’s a dark line that shows up every time you blink because your eye shadow is gathering in the crease? This is a close cousin to smudging and another problem that eye primer can solve! By providing a more “grippy” surface, eye primer prevents your eyeshadow from coming together at the crease and causing a dark line.

  • Enhances colors

You know that shade of eyeshadow you love that just looks fire on you? Imagine it popping even more! That’s what eye primer can do. So if you’re going for bold colors in particular, do not skip the eye primer!

  • Provides some moisture

Eye shadows are often powders (i.e., dry makeup), meaning they can highlight dry skin. Obviously you don’t want that, so eye primer is there to help yet again. By providing a hydrated surface to place your eyeshadow on, you’re able to hide any dry skin around your eyes.

  • Anti-aging

Did you know that the area around the eyes is one of the first to show signs of aging? The thin skin around the eyes can age you prematurely, so hide any creases or crow’s feet by applying eye primer. It will prevent creasing, which highlights fine lines and wrinkles.

Can I just use concealer instead?

One popular alternative to eye primer is concealer. Placed on and around the eyes before eye makeup, it does offer some of the same benefits as eye primer. However, it’s definitely not the best substitute.

Concealer tends to be more slippery than eye primer and can actually make smudging and creasing worse due to its oily base. Concealer is also not as lightweight as eye primer. 

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