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Get Your Matte Lips Looking Right with These Tips

Get Your Matte Lips Looking Right with These Tips

Who doesn’t love a good matte lip look? This classic trend is making a comeback. If you’re new to the world of matte lipstick, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about matte lipstick.

matte liquid lipstick


How do you prepare your lips for matte liquid lipstick?

When it comes to prepping your lips for matte lipstick, we recommend the same prep you’d do for any lipstick. Start with a good lip scrub, which should be used about three times a week in order to slough off dry skin (you can add another day or two per week for intense dry-lip therapy or during winter when dry skin is more common). Invest in a good lip mask, and use it every night before bed. You’ll love what a difference it makes! Of course, lip balm can be used as needed and before applying your matte lipstick.

What do you put on your lips before matte lipstick?

It’s a good idea to apply lip balm and lip primer before applying your liquid matte lipstick. Lip balm will ensure your lips stay kissably soft underneath! Lip primer ensures your lipstick stays put longer. The only thing is, you need to make sure that you aren’t applying lipstick directly after the lip balm or primer. Doing so can make the matte lipstick not stick as well. Instead, wait until your other products dry, then apply your lipstick.

How do you apply matte liquid lipstick perfectly?

Once your lips are exfoliated and moisturized, go in first with a lip liner pencil and trace the edge of your lips. This will help give you more defined edges. Then, apply your lipstick within these edges. You want to make sure you’re not applying too much all at once. It’s easy to overdo it with liquid lipstick. Less is definitely more! Too much can make your lips look cakey, so apply a thin layer. If you want to add a second coat for more intense saturation, do so while the first layer is still wet. 

Do you need lip liner with liquid matte lipstick?

You don’t absolutely need it, but applying lip liner when using liquid matte lipstick can definitely up your lipstick game. Matte lipstick tends to be more pigmented, so using lip liner before applying your lipstick can help it better stay in the lines. 

How do you keep matte lipstick on all day?

This depends on the brand, but also, you can help give your matte lipstick more staying power. Do this by following the tips we listed above under what you should do before applying matte lipstick. Exfoliating and hydrating your lips, plus using primer, can mean all the difference between smudged lips halfway through your day and lipstick that lasts till the last kiss goodbye.

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