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Reasons to Switch from Regular Nail Polish to Gel Nail Polish

Reasons to Switch from Regular Nail Polish to Gel Nail Polish

Why should you switch to gel polish? Simply put, it’s amazing! Seriously, we’re here to tell you why gel polish is definitely what you want the next time you get a manicure! Gel polish is a happy medium between traditional nail polish and acrylic nails. Get the lasting power of acrylics without  the disadvantages of fake nails. Plus, we have some recommendations for at-home gel manicures at the end!

Gel polish dries faster

Most of us are familiar with that annoying wait after applying traditional nail polish. You sit there or dance around, waving your hands  in an attempt to get your nail polish to dry faster. Sometimes you think it’s all set, but then you find out the hard way that your polish is still not hardened completely. Or you forget about your drying polish, push your hair behind your ear, and have to redo a nail or two. 

Gel polish solves all that with the use of a UV gel lamp. This lamp dries your nails much faster than they dry with traditional nail polish! How fast? Sixty seconds! So you can be on your way quicker and not have to worry about smudges or indents in your half-dried polish. 

Chips less

One of the biggest selling points for gel polish is how long it lasts! Gel polish has incredible lasting power.  In many cases, it retains its shape and shine for up to four weeks. However, many nail experts contend that you’ll want to take it off after two weeks to give your nails a chance to “breathe” for their health. But the point is, it’ll last those full two weeks unchipped pretty much effortlessly! I mean, you don’t want to let your nails near sandpaper or anything like that, but given normal use, you can count on extended wear.

They just plain look amazing

If you’ve ever seen gel nails, the shine is like no other! It only took one look at the gel polish manicure, and we were sold. They pretty much look like gel on your nails. 

How to maintain your gel nails

So these manicures can be expected to last quite a while, but there are a few things you can do to ensure they look their best at all times. First, use a good nail oil and cuticle oil (which you should do even without a manicure!). You’ll also want to wear gloves when your hands will be exposed to chemicals like household cleaners. Also, avoid extended exposure to hot water if you can (for example, when doing dishes, opt for water closer to room temperature). Following these tips can make your gel manicure look as good on day 14 as it did on day one!

Any recommendations?

Girl, you know we got you! Our gel lamp is the perfect UV and LED gel lamp for beginners. Easy-to-use, durable, lightweight, and super affordable at just $20! Get it here. Want the look of gel nails but in a hurry and don’t have time for the application process? Try some of our gel nail strips! We have tons of colors and patterns to choose from. Check them out here!
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