January 12, 2023

Vegan Skincare: Ingredients You Should Use in Your Skincare Routine

Vegan skincare is a growing industry. If you’re vegan, you want to make sure your skincare products are too. Utilizing science and nature, we can create alternative ingredients that mimic the properties of non-vegan ingredients, making vegan skincare products more powerful than ever before! 

Benefits of vegan skincare

If you avoid eating animals for the sake of animal welfare, then you’ll want to make sure your beauty products don’t make use of animals or animal by-products either. Vegan skincare is also more sustainable, which contributes to a greener, more healthy earth! And these days, there are a lot of great vegan skincare options out there, making skin health easily attainable for everyone!

What are some common skincare ingredients that make a product not vegan?

When looking for vegan skincare, you’ll want to make sure your products don’t contain any animal ingredients. Many products make it easy to tell if they are vegan by having vegan certification on the packaging. You’ll want to stay away from products containing ingredients like: gelatin, glycerine, beeswax, honey, stearic acid, collagen, keratin, retinol, and carmine, to name a few.

Are there vegan alternatives? 

Absolutely! It can be hard to hear about all the benefits of a skincare ingredient and then find out it’s not vegan. Thankfully, there are ways to create alternative vegan-friendly ingredients. One example is squalane. This is an intense hydrator. The problem is, it’s traditionally obtained from shark livers. For obvious reasons, that’s not vegan-friendly. But squalane can also be created in a lab, making it suitable for vegan products.

Collagen is another ingredient that features in many anti-aging skin preparations. It helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Collagen is naturally-occurring in human skin, but unfortunately, collagen production declines with age, causing sagging skin and wrinkles. Collagen is only attainable through animal sources. But again, there is a vegan work-around! Since collagen cannot be made without an animal source, vegan anti-aging products focus on ramping up the body’s own production of collagen instead of delivering supplemental collagen to the skin. This can be done with certain ingredients like vitamin C. 

Try our Vegan Again Corelagen Stick for top-notch skin-firming properties without collagen. It includes Natural Snow White, which contains a combination of five fermented ingredients: beans, ginseng, potatoes, rice, and adlay. Together, these ingredients make skin firmer and more supple!