July 27, 2021

Tips To Get Glass Skin


Glass skin is one of the most popular looks today, for good reason! Getting a great glass skin look can be tricky, but so rewarding. We have some tips to get glass skin that anyone can use. If you don’t know what glass skin is, it’s a way of saying someone’s skin looks amazingly healthy, smooth, bright, and flawless. Today we’re going to share with you 5 of our favorite tips to get glass skin. We hope that you will have fun trying out these ideas, and will share your pictures with us! 

Start with Clean Skin

The first tip to get glass skin is that you want to start with your face being clean. This gives you a blank canvas to begin the magic. The best idea is to use a cleanser that is gentle but also works well. This can be hard to find! We recommend Mission Complete which is safe for the most delicate skin, like around your eyes, but also strong enough to remove stubborn mascara. 


Dry skin is not a good look and it is not a good feeling. Moisturizing your skin will be so important for your skin feeling its best and also looking great. How do you find the right moisturizer? You probably noticed there are hundreds or thousands to choose from. Some are too greasy, some don’t work well, and some are crazy expensive. Touch in Sol has a collection of moisturizers that let you choose what’s best for your own skin. All of these moisturizers can play an important part in our tips to get glass skin. 

Prime the Skin

Now is the time that you’re almost ready to be done with your skincare routine, and move into your makeup routine. The last step of the skincare part is super important for our tips to get glass skin. You want to prime the skin! Priming can be done with your choice of products like No Poreblem Prime Essence or No Poreblem Priming Water. Priming is the way you give yourself a perfect looking foundation. The best primer hides pores, which are not what you want to see with glass skin. Primer also helps your makeup go on really, really neatly. Even if you want no makeup, it’s great to end your skincare routine with primer because you’ll look like you’ve got amazing and very natural skin. 

Lay the Foundation

Ok so now your face is wonderfully prepped, smooth, and ready for makeup. You will apply with a foundation. This is important and you need to pick the right one. If you use a foundation that leaves streaks, uneven tone, or looks fake, you’ve ruined your glass skin look. We love Advanced Real Moisture Liquid Foundation because it goes on easily, lets you build from light coverage to complete coverage, and is full of moisture. The best foundation will cover blemishes, even out your skin tone (a MUST for glass skin!), and correct redness. 

Perfect Finishing Touch

You are so close to being done with your routine! Here is our final tip to get glass skin: after your makeup is applied, use a setting spray. Metallist Galaxy Setting Spray is a light and beautiful mist for your face. It even has glitters in it to add just the right level of shine to your glass skin look. 

Now you might be unsure how much other makeup you should wear when you’re focusing on glass skin. We recommend that you do not use too much heavy makeup, because it’s nice to let your skin have the most focus. Subtle eye shadow and light lip color can look great with a summery outfit and glass skin. Or if you’re going more formal, a dark eyeliner with mascara and a rich blush can make your glass skin have a very elegant feel. Whatever you do after you’ve followed this routine, you will look radiant with bright and flawless skin. 

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