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Liquid vs. Powder Eyeshadow

Liquid vs. Powder Eyeshadow


Do you love eyeshadow? Or maybe you’re curious about eyeshadow but are afraid you are not going to apply it well? One piece of education that can really help you feel confident using eyeshadow is knowing exactly what type you want. Liquid vs powder eyeshadow is an important question. If you don’t know the difference between liquid vs powder eyeshadow, don’t feel bad! We’ll make sure you feel like an expert by the end of this article. It might change the way you feel about this type of eye makeup.  


Powder eyeshadow has been popular for so long. It’s easy to think that powder eyeshadow must be the best. But wait a minute! Liquid eyeshadow has some amazing benefits that made us fall in love with it. Here are some important questions to ask yourself when deciding between liquid vs powder eyeshadow.  

How easy is it to apply? 

When we look at liquid vs powder eyeshadow, one important question is which one is easier to use. Throughout the week we are running out to grab coffee, meet a friend, or get to work. If you’re like us, you don’t have time for makeup that’s complicated! Liquid eyeshadow comes with an applicator, so you do not need to find a brush or any other tools to put on the make-up. With powder eyeshadow, you have extra work of finding an applicator you like. In most cases, to get the look you want with several colors, you’re going to need at least 2 applicators. If you’re really looking to minimize the steps, you’ll love liquid. Since each liquid eyeshadow color has its own brush built-in, you’ll never have to look for a clean eyeshadow brush again. But if you have a cute make-up area at home, with a couple of good eyeshadow applicators, powder eyeshadow can be almost as easy to apply.  


How long does it last? 

Some eyeshadow fans are always loyal to powder because it’s known for lasting longer, and we love that benefit too! It is true to say that some liquid eyeshadow does not last very long. That is easily fixed though if you use an eyelid primer first. A primer helps your eyeshadow last, so no matter your pick for liquid vs powder, you’ll be sure to look great all day. Also, remember this - some liquid eyeshadows are made to last long, just like powder, so those are good choices when you want to know your product is truly long-lasting.  


How does it look? 

With the question of liquid vs powder eyeshadow, you might think that liquid eyeshadow looks heavy, and powder eyeshadow is light and subtle. For some makeup brands, that’s true, but the best liquid eyeshadow is much more flexible! A great liquid eyeshadow can be applied in just one coat, which gives you super light coverage. Or you can build up several layers - and then you’ve got an amazingly rich color. The right powder eyeshadow can be used the same way. It’s natural for powder to give you a more subtle look, perfect for daytime wear. But with the right technique, you can build powder up to give you bold and exciting colors. When you have a really good eyeshadow, we say liquid vs powder eyeshadow is a tie in this category. We love having choices for our eyeshadow use, and both products give you a range of beauty looks.  


Can you get fancy? 

Some people want to try a smokey eye or other layered color looks with their eyeshadow. Do you love using a few different colors, and you’re worried that a liquid eyeshadow takes away this option? No way - you can do the same layering with powder and with liquid! Just like you would with powder, you can choose one liquid eyeshadow as your overall color. Then choose another color and apply this as your crease color. You can use your fingertip to gently blend the colors as you’d like.  


When you understand liquid vs powder eyeshadow, it’s easy to see how both can be great for everyone’s beauty bag. Years ago, powders were good for lighter color and most of the liquid eyeshadows were heavy feeling, saturated colors that a lot of people felt was too much. Especially for everyday use.  


But times have now changed. There are liquid eyeshadows available that give you subtle coverage in a single coat. There are also powders that are as bold as liquid. You really get to be the one in charge, since you have so many good choices. Touch in SOL’s Mattish Liquid Eye Shadow is a product that will get you to love the liquid option for your eyeshadow. Or if you want to try powder, you get such a great range of choices with 9 different colors in our Eyeshadow Palette. Curious about liquid vs powder eyeshadow? Visit Touch in SOL to learn about the products that have turned so many people into eyeshadow fans.  

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