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Benefits of a Skin Primer

Benefits of a Skin Primer

Are you scared to use a skin primer? If yes, maybe you’ve heard stories about primers being drying. No one wants dry skin! Or maybe you don’t understand why some people love a primer, so you think a face primer is a waste of money. If you’re not impressed with skin primer, we think you may have tried the wrong ones.  

There are many benefits of a skin primer, we promise. Want to know what they are? We’ll tell you the benefits of a skin primer and you can decide for yourself. Maybe you will agree with us that a skin primer can be amazing.  

Pores look smaller 

Who wants big pores? No one! We can all agree with that. Did you know one of the benefits of a skin primer is that it can make your pores appear smaller? You’ll love this benefit as much as we do. Touch In Sol has a product called No Poreblem (fun name, excellent primer!) that could be your new favorite. No Poreblem is so lightweight but also so effective. It’s perfect if you’re running out in yoga pants to pick up an ice tea, or if you have a fancy dinner date.  

The best makeup application 

One of the benefits of a skin primer is that your make-up can look flawless. When you put makeup on your skin without a primer, it can sink into pores and look uneven. No one wants uneven makeup. Sometimes pores can look even worse when makeup covers them, and why would we wear makeup if it’s going to make our skin look worse? Instead of hating the look of uneven skin, one benefit of a skin primer is to smooth out the surface of your skin. Then when you put makeup on, it glides on extra smoothly. This is a great way to look like your skin has perfect texture - even when it doesn’t. (Don’t worry… no one has perfect skin. They just have good makeup.) 

Use with products you love 

One of the great benefits of a skin primer is you don’t have to make a choice. Should I use my fav moisturizer or should I use a primer? Both! You don’t have to choose. That’s because the best skin primer goes right on top of your moisturizer. So your skin is happy because it’s still getting the moisturizer it likes. And also you are happy because you can use a perfect primer and have a really smooth makeup application.  

Long lasting makeup 

Do you feel frustrated that you put on makeup, and then it seems to be gone or faded just hours later? Sometimes before we even arrive at our destination, our makeup seems to be less vibrant than when it started. The benefits of a skin primer include helping your makeup last longer. The best primer means you have a strong, smooth foundation for makeup to be put on top of. And that strong layer helps your makeup last.  

Try one day with a skin primer, and one day without one. We think you’ll see quickly how much nicer it is to apply makeup over a skin primer. Do you know that even people who don’t wear much makeup, can still use a skin primer? They say they love how it feels lightweight on their skin, and also helps smooth some imperfections. So if you love to put makeup over your skin primer, or just a little touch up here and there, the benefits of a skin primer make this a product that everyone loves.  

Touch In Sol has a few primers that our fans love. If you’re convinced about the benefits of a skin primer and want to find one that’s perfect for you, visit our store. You can learn about No Poreblem and Pretty Filter Icy Sherbet Primer. They are both great for people who want a lightweight primer that minimizes pores and helps your skin look its best. Try them for yourself! 

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