September 22, 2020

Hydrating Cream to watch out for

Skipcare with one perfect cream

The humid and hot summer is finally over, and we are transitioning into autumn. Our skin starts losing moisture as the air gets drier outside and inside with the operation of heaters causing increased sensitivity, dryness, and irritation on our skin. It is time to make a switch from lightweight toner to moisturizing cream. And first that comes to mind when it comes to inserting hydration into the skin is hyaluronic acid. New hyaluronic acid products pour out into the market daily but its so hard to find the right product that gives our skin desired amount of moisture into the skin.

Look no further! There is a perfect product that gives perfect amount of moisture while giving you the glow you have searched for. Introducing Touch in Sol Pretty Filter Glassy Skin Balm.

This Pretty Filter Glassy skin balm is a perfect solution for skin suffering from dehydration. It corrects dryness with just on use, and adds a subtle glow to make your face look more vibrant. The formulation that is not too light like a watery cream or too heavy like a petrolatum balm but a gentle texture that glides on the skin for perfect satisfaction. It’s time to relive the burden on the skin with Skipcare and turn to a one perfect skin balm that will give you the moisture and glow in one easy step.


Next product I like to introduce is a solution I have found for people who hesitate on using a primer because of their sensitive and dry skin. Pretty Filter Icy Sherbet Primer exudes an elegant and lovely sherbet like texture from the container to the content. This is formulated without silicone to give your skin gentle coat of nourishment to compensate for the environmental changes.

Full bloomed peony flower extract and hyaluronic acid combined in cooling sherbet technology, give your skin smooth and cooled texture that will feel hydrated all day.  It layers moisture and vitalizes the skin to give the boost of confidence in your own skin.

Icy Sherbet have all the advantages of skincare and primer in one.

This will be your next holy grail for those who were reluctant to use primers because of dryness and pore problems.

Stop worrying and give this primer a chance.