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Which Primer is Best for Oily Skin

Which Primer is Best for Oily Skin


Do you wonder which primer is best for oily skin? Great question. Oily skin can be tricky when you are looking for a smooth, matte, look. Here is good news for people with oily skin. There are some really good cleansers and moisturizers specifically made for people with an oily complexion! Today we’re going to look at which primer is best for oily skin. 


What is oily skin? 

This question is the best place to start when we want the primer that is best for oily skin. People who have oily skin know what it feels like and looks like - but maybe they don’t know what the oil is or where it comes from.  

If you have oily skin, you have glands that make more oil than your skin needs. It’s really important for your skin to have some oil, but not everyone’s body knows the right amount to produce. Oily skin will make you look like you have a shiny or greasy face, but it can be even worse than that. Sometimes, oily skin can cause acne or clogged pores. Ugh. You can help your skin have less of an oily look by washing your skin well, using blotting paper, and choosing the right skincare and makeup products.  

What is a primer? 

A super important part of knowing which primer is best for oily skin, is understanding what a primer’s job is. A primer goes on before your makeup, to get your face ready. The best primer helps your makeup stay where you put it. You work hard for a beautiful makeup look! You do not want to waste that work by having it clump or run or cake in an hour. You want your makeup to look the best and last long. That’s what primer helps with.  

 Primers can even reduce some signs of aging. If you have fine wrinkles, a great primer can make them less noticeable. Also it can help reduce the appearance of acne. Of course people love primer!  

How can a primer help oily skin? 

A primer is a product that can give you a smooth look to your skin, and lets the makeup you put on look even better. Primer can make pores look smaller, and fix the look of uneven textures. If you have oily skin, you might be nervous that a primer could make your skin even more shiny. Don’t worry! The best primer for oily skin will not do that.   

Best primer for oily skin 

For our friends with oily skin, we love Pretty Filter Icy Sherbert Primer. It’s made without oil and is amazing at keeping your skin moisturized without being greasy. That is not our only option for a primer that’s best for oily skin though. Our fans also say that they love how No Poreblem Primer works for people with oily skin. It’s made with green tea extract to protect your skin, but also feels lightweight.  

Tips for applying primer to oily skin 

You know which primers are best for oily skin, but maybe you wonder how to use them. First, make sure your skin is well cleaned. Finish any skin care routine before you put on primer. Primer should be the last step before you put on your makeup. Most people find primers work best when they use just a small amount. It’s good to apply primer with your fingers, and rub it in gently. Then give your primer a little time to absorb into the skin before you apply makeup. You’ll see a big difference when you use a primer! 

What other products can I use with a primer that’s best for oily skin? 

Since you don’t want your skin to look oily (of course!) we recommend you use a product we love. It’s called Pretty Filter Mattifying Oil Control Setting Mist. This spray is amazing for people who want to help their skin look smooth and less shiny. Even though you spray it on your skin, it basically turns into a powder on your face. It feels magical! The powder then absorbs oil and leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed.  

You can visit Touch in Sol to find the best primer for oily skin, and lots of other products that we love.  

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