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Tips for Flawless Foundation

Tips for Flawless Foundation

Fabulous Foundation

The key to beautiful-looking skin is exceptional foundation makeup. When choosing a foundation, it’s important to consider the type of look you are seeking. Foundation is applied to the entire face – and should leave the skin feeling light, not heavy or clogged. With so many foundations to choose from, be sure to do your research to ensure your skin will stay healthy underneath and emit the natural glow you desire. When you look fabulous, you feel fabulous!

Matte foundation

Matte vs. Dewy Foundation Makeup

A smooth makeup base begins with the right foundation, and if you are familiar with makeup, you know that there are both matte and dewy foundations available. A matte foundation provides less of a glowy look and may feel a bit heavier on the skin. It contains properties that give a more velvety smooth finish to the skin. 

A dewy foundation, on the other hand, reflects light and tends to have an even lighter feel or texture and offers more of a glowy result. A dewy foundation typically works best on normal to dry skin, as this type of foundation assists in hydrating the skin. Those with oily skin may experience a greasy appearance, so matte foundation is a better option. 

How Do I Make My Foundation Makeup Look Smooth?

Caked-on foundation is an absolute DON’T! To avoid this major makeup application faux pas, here are some tips on how to apply foundation.

Get primed! First, always use a primer before applying your foundation. This base will help to create a smooth surface.

Decisions, decisions. Consider your skin type, as this will indicate if a matte foundation or dewy foundation will best suit the needs of your skin. Once you choose the right foundation for your skin type, apply it to clean skin.

Tools for the win! Use a brush or sponge to apply your foundation with a light hand, starting from the center of your face and working your way out.

Time to blend! Be sure to thoroughly blend your foundation well into the jawline and neck.

Set it straight. Use a setting powder to properly set your foundation.

Don’t overdo it. Avoid using too much foundation. Start with small amounts, and build up as you go. It’s easier to add than take away.

Looking for the perfect foundation? Touch In Sol Pretty Filter Perfect FInish Foundation is designed to create an airbrushed effect. As a matte foundation, you will fall in love with its lightweight application and the flawless, smooth base it creates for makeup. This lightweight formula glides on easily and feels natural, beautiful, and flawless!

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