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Get Ready to Pucker and Plump Those Lips!

Get Ready to Pucker and Plump Those Lips!

There is no better accessory than perfectly plumped lips! Looking to pump your lips fast? Get your hands on the power of lip plumpers and bring out the best of your flirty, fun, and kissable lips. 

Choosing the best lip plumper can feel like a whirlwind! While fillers have come a long way, if you prefer to go the natural route, then a lip plumper you can use daily is a great way to get the lip boost you seek. Here are some tips on how to plump your lips without fillers. What Are Lip Plumpers?

So what are limp plumpers exactly? If you’re new to the plump-it-up game, here’s the scoop. Lip plumpers are part of the lipstick family and are created in a similar way as their colorful cousins! 

A lip plumper is meant to give you short-term, fuller-looking lips without injections. It can be applied before putting on lipstick or lip gloss to give you more surface area for the product. They most often come in the form of a lip gloss, meaning they are liquid, not solid or semi-solid products like lipstick. 

They can be applied before or after lipstick for a more dramatic and irresistible look. Lip plumpers usually contain ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, and caffeine that help to plump the lips… and did we mention the tingle? Some plumpers contain ingredients that cause a slight tingling feeling. This is absolutely normal and means the plumper is working its magic.

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Decisions, Decisions… Choosing the Best Lip Plumper

Choosing the right lip plumper means considering a few things first. Check the ingredients. If there’s anything you see that may trigger a red flag, ask a sales associate or chat online. Check the formula. This is important because you can confirm if the product is made with natural ingredients and whether or not it is vegan. It’s also smart to check the brand reputation for anything negative. The best lip plumper for you is the one that makes you feel your best, looks great, and has a price point that works for you!

Lip Plumpers: The Juicy Lipstick You Must Have

Juicy lipstick? You bet! A lip plumper is interchangeable with this term because when applied, it gives your lips a wet, juicy look similar to a gloss. The perks of a plumper are that they are thicker than gloss and add volume and add shine to your lips. If you’re looking for a way to plump your lips fast, lip plumpers are the way to go.

Are Lip Plumpers Safe?


Lip plumpers are a safe way to boost and plump your lips. They are (like most other makeup products) thoroughly tested for safety Remember that tingle we mentioned earlier that sometimes comes with applying lip plumper? It’s totally normal and means it is working its magic! Having doubts? You can always test a new product on a small area before going full speed ahead.

Touch In Sol Vegan Again Juicy Plumping Lipstick is a glossy lipstick that creates voluminous and luminous lips. This lip-plumping formula hydrates, nourishes, and visibly volumizes your lips immediately. Plus, it contains Reallagen, which helps with anti-aging, skin repair, anti-UV, moisturizing, skin firming, and cell growth. Even more, it contains non-allergenic vegan collagen. Want to learn more about Touch In Sol? Click here!

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