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Say Goodbye to Redness: A Comprehensive Green Primer Guide

Say Goodbye to Redness: A Comprehensive Green Primer Guide

Rosacea, acne, general inflammation, or genetics can cause your face to appear red. It can be so frustrating to try and cover it. So forget makeup, and welcome to the stage green primer. This blog will walk you through the simple reality of achieving a smooth and even complexion.

Say goodbye to redness and hello to flawless skin! Green primer is not new to makeup professionals, but its magic is mysterious to many. The color simply counteracts the underlying layer of red by using its opposite: green. 

You can buy many types of green primers, but a cream or gel is most friendly for all skin types due to its natural soothing properties. 

Knowing how it works and how to use it can maximize the effect of your green primer. There are some common mistakes to look out for. 

Despite how simple the solution to red skin is, it can be confusing with so many options out there. So we’re going to guide you through using, understanding, and maximizing the power of green primer.

redness correcting primer

Can I Use a Redness Correcting Primer to Cover Redness on My Face?

Yes. Using a redness correcting primer to cover facial redness is the best way to approach the situation. Fighting it by trying to cover it with harmful makeup or taking anti-inflammatory medication will only aggravate the skin condition.

By applying the right shade of green to your face from a quality primer, you can effectively neutralize the appearance of red without changing anything. 

Green primer is compatible with foundation makeup too, meaning you don’t have to choose between one or the other. In fact, the soothing primer can act as an effective barrier between makeup and the skin, which may otherwise cause irritation and further inflammation.

The combination of primer with your makeup eliminates redness while also maintaining healthy and natural-looking skin.

What Does Redness Correcting Primer Do? How Does It Work?

A redness corrector is designed to neutralize redness using color theory to counteract the inflamed look of red skin. 

Green primer reduces redness by matching the level of red with an equal level of green, so it is important to determine your level of redness, as peach or yellow primers may be necessary for extreme cases.

The lightweight and non-sticky formula of green primer also moisturizes your skin to ease any symptoms of irritation so that you not only look good but feel good! 

We know just how much the sun can irritate redness, so don’t worry green primer has anti-UV properties to save you in that department too!

How to Apply Redness Correcting Primer to Reduce Inflammation

  1. Moisturize and clean your skin. Ensure that dirt and oil are cleared as much as possible because these can clog your pores and interfere with the effect of the primer. 
  2. Start with a small amount. With your fingertips or brush, blend it into your skin starting from the center and working outwards. Provide special application to the areas where you experience most redness.
  3. Wait at least three minutes before applying your foundation. 
  4. You can now apply other makeup products after the primer has set so that your skin has the chance to absorb the primer and work its magic to reduce redness.
  5. We recommend adding a setting spray or powder to ensure your makeup stays in place during the day.

Redness can be a frustrating issue to deal with, but with green primer, you really do have the best redness corrector for both looking and feeling great. With moisturizing, protection, and anti-wrinkle properties, redness correcting primer puts an end to the fight. Don’t just take our word for it; see the results for yourself!

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