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Why Is Korean Skincare So Good?

Why Is Korean Skincare So Good?

You’ve no doubt noticed the big uptick in the popularity of Korean beauty and skincare products, with everyone from beauty influencers to makeup artists raving about how great they are. K-Beauty is definitely enjoying a moment in the spotlight right now. But why Korean beauty? And is this just a trend, or is K-Beauty here to stay?

Natural ingredients

Gone are the days of just accepting whatever was in your skincare products without question. Newer generations are as careful as ever of what we put inside and on our bodies, and we’re a lot more conscious about the future of the earth and environment as well. This makes Korean beauty, which utilizes a lot of natural ingredients, an ideal choice. Natural plant-derived ingredients tend to work just as well as their lab-created counterparts, and Korean beauty products often take more advantage of them than other skincare companies.

Skincare mindset

In Korea, skincare is considered a basic self-care practice rather than just an extra thing that some people choose to do. It’s also something that’s done from a younger age than in the U.S., with more of a focus on prevention rather than handling problems as they arise. (At the risk of sounding cliché, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!) Here in the West, too many people scramble to make up for years or even decades of neglecting their skin health, often only focusing on their skincare routine when they’re experiencing issues like acne, dry skin, or signs of aging. 

Makeup vs. skincare

As an extension of the “prevent rather than treat” philosophy that’s prevalent in Korea, there is also less of an emphasis on wearing makeup to cover imperfections on the skin. Rather than hide them (masking the symptoms), there is a focus on taking care of the skin to begin with. This is also why, beyond the popularity of Korean skincare products, their beauty routines and techniques are hitting the international stage too.



In line with the idea that skincare is a basic part of daily self-care, quality K-Beauty products tend to be more affordable as they are not seen as luxury items. Being easier on your pockets is definitely a huge draw!


Bringing K-Beauty concepts to the U.S.

So when will the U.S. get with the program? That time is now! Here at Touch In Sol, we strive to keep these concepts in mind and produce quality, innovative products that won’t break the bank! We make products that use lots of skin-loving natural ingredients and stay on top of the latest trends in beauty as well as time-tested and loved ingredients.
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