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How to Get Glass Skin This Fall

How to Get Glass Skin This Fall

It’s that time of year again - the leaves are changing, the air is crisper, and fuzzy blankets never looked so good! It also means cold temperatures outside that can really take a toll on your skin. Luckily, there’s a new K-beauty movement in town perfect for tackling dry skin (honestly, is there an issue that Korean skincare hasn’t fixed??) It’s called “Glass Skin,” and it’s all about keeping skin totally moisturized for a dewy, “glassy” look. And since this whole practice is based around having super clean, ultra-hydrated skin, it’s the ideal skincare routine for this fall.

So how can you achieve this look and keep your skin looking amazing? Here’s our daily 4-step routine:

1. Double cleanse: the first step to getting clear, glowing skin is having clean skin. First remove oil, dirt, and makeup with an oil-based cleanser. Then use a gentle soap lather to ensure that you’re removing all pollutants from your skin. We recommend Mission Complete Mild Scrub. This scrub is gentle enough for daily use to remove makeup and dead skin, so you're left with clean and luminous skin.

Double cleanse - Black Gel Mask

2. Hydrating toner: refreshing and moisturizing toners can restore pH levels in your skin, and provide a base of hydration before adding any additional products. Make sure you’re using a moisturizing toner that will clean your face without drying it out.

3. Hydrating essence or priming water: adding an essence or priming water to your routine is an absolute must during the colder months. These products add an extra boost of moisture and help even out texture for smooth skin. We recommend No Poreblem Priming Water or Prime Essence, both of which were developed to help skin stay hydrated all day. If you have dry or combination skin, try Priming Water which will soothe and refresh. Use Prime Essence if you need to control oily skin, want to tighten pores, or are just looking for an all-day natural glow.  

No Poreblem Priming Water

4. Moisturize: the most important part of getting glassy skin is having well-hydrated skin, so you need an excellent moisturizer. Look for something with hyaluronic acid, an important ingredient for locking moisture into the skin. We recommend Glassy Skin Balm, which has been specially formulated to lock in moisture and make skin luminous.

And now you have a perfect daily fall skincare routine! To add even more glow, exfoliate 2-3 times a week and use a hydrating face mask once a week. And of course, make sure you drink plenty of water alongside any apple cider and pumpkin spice lattes!

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