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Glitter Gel Nails: A Sparkling Touch at your Fingertips

Glitter Gel Nails: A Sparkling Touch at your Fingertips

We have to let you in on the secret: Glitter gel nails are one of the best versatile options. They are increasing in popularity, low-maintenance, and good at protecting your nails. 

With more and more celebrities like Cardi B and Kylie Jenner adding to the trend, glitter nail strips are in style like never before. You may have seen this style of nails on Tik Tok. 

Glitter nails are becoming a favorite because:

  1. they look elegant, shiny, and sophisticated,
  2. they are easy to put on and take off (no need for a salon!), and
  3. they don’t harm your nails (in fact, they help protect them!).

Glitter gel nails are extremely cost-effective as you can achieve salon-quality application in the comfort of your home. Not only that, but you can also take them off with ease, meaning more versatility with your look.

glitter gel nail designs

What Is Glitter Gel for Nails?

Glitter gel is a blend of loose glitter which is applied over a gel nail. When you buy a set, the nail is already painted and carefully prepared for you to wear. Then, it is as simple as putting them on. This saves you money and time and gives you the freedom to mix up what you wear.

All you need to do is prepare your nails as usual; be sure to trim and sterilize them. Then you pick the nail strip to cover the entire nail surface of the finger, press down firmly, and trim the tip to your desired nail length. Finally, cure the nails under a UV lamp for 60 seconds.

To take off glitter gel nails, you simply peel them gently from the side and apply alcohol to your fingers. Easy!

They share a common benefit with regular gel nails in that they protect the nails.

Glitter Gel Nail Designs and Inspiration

Glitter gel nails are not only versatile in their ease of application and use, they can also be worn in so many different ways. 

Gold glitter gel nails are a good idea as they pair with infinite outfits. Seriously, what color doesn’t go well with gold? 

Cut the strips slightly shorter so they look more natural while still shining and offering a dazzling look. This is perfect for a date or going out for drinks. 

Attending a stand-out occasion like the club or a party? Longer nails paired with sparkling glitter are so fire under the night lights.

How to Get Glitter Gel Strips to Stay On Your Nails

Do nail strips damage nails? Quite the opposite. Unlike cheap nails (like plastic ones), gel nail strips provide a sturdy layer of protection between the outside world and your precious nail. Gel nails protect your natural nail by covering the whole surface with a thick layer of material. 

We heard one person who used gel strips to stop biting their nails! They were so well-protected that it was impossible to bite them anymore. 

You should use a nail file or your finger to apply pressure along the entire length of the wrap; this will prevent it from peeling at the edges and seal it onto your finger.

In summary, you can look sparkly, save money, and protect your nails all at the same time. Glitter gel nail strips are a low-maintenance way to dazzle. Don’t miss this trend. 

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