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Get Lusciously Long Lashes with Lengthening Mascara

Get Lusciously Long Lashes with Lengthening Mascara

Want long, luscious lashes without the hassle of extensions? Lengthening mascara is your friend! Long lashes make your eyes look bigger and bolder, and they go great with glam looks. 

How Does Lengthening Mascara Work?

Regular mascara contains pigments for color, along with other ingredients to help it stay on, mattify it, provide sheen, and/or make it waterproof. With lengthening mascara, another key component is added: fibers! These small fibers are what help extend your lashes.

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How Should You Apply Lengthening Mascara?

Start by using a good cleanser on your entire face, and don’t forget your eyelashes. This step is important because our eyes are especially prone to infection, and you don’t want your mascara wand to pick up dirt, bacteria, or anything off your eyelashes. 

If you plan on using an eyelash curler, do so before applying. Then, use an eyelash primer if you want a little extra length or a fuller look to your mascara. 

When you’re ready to apply the lengthening mascara, start with the wand parallel to your eye. You can then hold the wand upright to fine-tune your lashes and go over any spots that didn’t get enough (remember to wipe the tip of the wand against the mascara bottle before doing this!). Do the same for your bottom lashes. If you ever accidentally get mascara on your lower eyelid during this step, use a small piece of tissue or a paper towel to protect or clean the area.

Last tip: While the fibers inside lengthening mascara help artificially lengthen your eyelashes, they do also make the mascara more prone to clumping. To avoid this, it’s best to apply just one or two coats. 

Can You Apply Lengthening Mascara to Eyelash Extensions?

For times when you’re feeling extra, you can totally add lengthening mascara to your lash extensions! It’s a great way to try out even longer lashes.

When Should You Throw Out Your Lengthening Mascara?

Whether the bottle is finished or not, you should throw out lengthening mascara — or any mascara for that matter — three months after your first use. This is because even with cleaning beforehand, some amount of bacteria, dirt, etc. will inevitably make its way off your lashes and into the mascara. So to be safe, you shouldn’t use the same bottle of lengthening mascara for more than three months.

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