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Easy and pretty

I received this product for free from Picky and Touch in SOL in exchange for my honest review.

🌸Loved all Touch in SOL nail designs, was so difficult to choose just two🫢

It took less than 10 minutes to apply the gel nails (you can see the process in the pictures) ➡️➡️
Also I loved that the kit has all that you need to have pretty nails, even a tiny nail file 🤩💖

Final results: my nails look so pretty and the nail design does lasts and looks flawless many days 💅🏻 Great when you don't have much time to go to the salon or if you have a last minute event🙌🏼 Just need to pay attention when applying them and do it carefully so the nail design fits perfectly on your nail.

So Easy

The Touch In Sol Real Gel Nail Strips are a game changer . Cuts down the time of my mani , gives the same awesome gel nail experience with staying power and shine , quick dry ,but so much easier .


I'm usually so leery of social media ads but I'm glad I took a risk with this one - best mascara I've ever tried, hands down. Incredible length, easily separated lashes, super easy to wash off. Just seriously fucking great.

Gorgeous nails

I just love these nails they are so gorgeous and easy to apply and very comfortable to wear and they look like real gel nails

Best Mascara Ever

Love this stretchex mascara so much! Makes my lashes long and doesn’t smudge. Also comes off easy with makeup remover. Please don’t ever stop making it! You were out for a while and I was so sad!

So easy to use!

I love how easy these Touch in Sol gel nails are! I received these gel nails from Picky and Touch in Sol in exchange for my honest review. The color is so vibrant and stunning. I got so many compliments and people kept asking where I got my nails done. I said “Touch in Sol” of course! They also lasted so long which was a huge bonus!

Sunny Sparkles

I used 004 All that glitters, and absolutely love them. The glitter is so sparkly, and they were so easy to put on. I do have shorter nails, but these were easy to trim and file. The gel nail lamp was extremely user friendly. I do have a little larger of a nail bed on my thumbs, but I was able to turn a nail gel perpendicularly (so my whole nail was still covered). That might be a difficult maneuver for longer nails, so I might suggest one size larger in the future. Great quality nail stickers overall!

Quality Product

I wear it every night before bedtime and let the product do its work. Very happy !!

Bright and fun

These are a fun way to add a pop of color to my finger nails 😍. love the quality of the product.


Love those nail gel strips!easy and amazing!

The best gel strips EVER!

I received these gel nail stripes from #pickyrewards, and #touchinsol, as a gift, for my honest opinion
These are the best gel nail strips ever, so easy to apply, I put them on 5 days ago, they still look like I just put them on, perfect! I received the uv light also, it's so easy to use, power button is set for 60 seconds, which is all you been to cure these nail strips, I did a whole set of nails in 10 min, that's super fast, you just apply, file, then hold under light for 60 seconds, they are ultra glossy, beautiful nail strips, they look professional grade, but at home, will definitely be using again, I recommend them to anyone!

Super easy to apply

These real gel nail strips make doing my nails so easy! The colors are rich and beautiful. There is no messy paint involved. I couldn't be more pleased! I received 2 sets free, #complimentary as the result of a contest thanks to #picky and #touchinsol in exchange for my honest opinion.

[Picky Giveaway] Real Gel Nail Strips

Great opportunity

Thank you so much for this opportunity I was absolutely thrilled to be a part of it !

Lovely style! Easy to put on!

This was my first time trying gel nail strips! I really really love them and they hold up well against how tough I can be on them at work. I really like the choices given!

Easy and Pretty

I wore these nails for the first time and they lasted for a bit longer than a week. They’re so easy to put on and look really gorgeous. I would recommend for holidays and special occasions because they don’t damage your nail.

Great Lashes!

I’m very impressed and happy with my new mascara. It goes on easily extending all of my lashes so that they look longer and natural. No clumping! It’ll be my go to mascara from now on.

Looks Interesting!

Haven’t used yet. Love the blue color. The pastel yellow with green was a little dull for my taste. Thought it would be more vivid. Seems easy enough to apply. Overall, I think it is a good buy! Thanks!

Best primer on the market

I have tried every primer possible, and this is the best in my opinion. Warning, it will make you hate other primers.

No PoreBlem Primer
Melissa DePaolo
No Poreblem primer

Look no further….the best primer for your face!!! Feels like silk and lightly covers your face for even makeup application. I was bummed that Ulta stopped selling it but at least I can get it directly from the company. I love it so much I bought 3 bottles!!!


A little goes a long way. I absolutely love the formula and will definitely be ordering more

No PoreBlem Hybrid Primer
Samantha Johnson

Love this stuff! I had a hard time finding a good primer and then I found this. I will never use anything else!

omg i love this stuff sm

originally received this product from one of my moms friends and the first time i tried it i was in love dude. usually, my skin is pretty oily but recently ive been drying it out with other products, and using this product after made it so glowy!! i wouldn't be surprised if this product worked on any skin type so i recommend buying it!!

No PoreBlem Primer
Danielle Fredericks
Help please

So I just bought the traveling kit and I was wondering in the traveling kit there's the 3 products do I use all 3 products together or do I use each product separately

No PoreBlem Primer
Nicole Ragle
Love This Primer

The @touchinsol
No PoreBlem Primer provides seamless coverage and fills in pores for flawless looking skin. All the while protecting, moisturizing and leaving the skin with a beautiful glow. I must say that the light weight, formula provides all day coverage, provides skin with a silky, smooth skin base and leaves skin with a dewy glow.

The Primer Contains Soluble Collagen that is said to improve skin elasticity and provides the perfect glowy canvas without of without Makeup.

Contains Key Ingredients:
Green tea extracts that energize the skin, provide moisture, anti-oxidants, and revitalize the skin.