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Advanced Real Moisture Liquid Foundation

No PoreBlem Primer

Allergic reaction?

I really wanted to like this because I heard great things about it but I think I had an allergic reaction to it because shortly after I used it on my face, my skin got red, started to burn and raised up everywhere the cream had been. Don’t think I’ll use this again.

Missing items

Haven’t received my product
Very unhappy with this company
Delivery service is horrible


this is my HG of eye glitters! i have to remind myself to reach for my other MANY toppers b/c i LOVE this one! I personally use a glitter glue since i wear contacts & don't wanna risk messing up my makeup once it's done but i've actually never had a problem using it with w/ no primer. it stays in place MUCH BETTER than any other glitter I've used from a palette and CP glitter gels. no end of the day fallout under my eyes. i have 2 shades but am getting more. even though i work from home, i have wayyyyy to much makeup to NOT wear makeup at least 3x a week and this just completes the look for me. i can see how it's not for everyone, but i try to live a little "extra" since we're sheltering in place, there's a global pandemic, our government is imploding and it's basically the apocalypse. I wanna be well groomed corpse. it might seem price-y for a glitter, the formulation & reflects are obvs high quality & worth the price. also no probs at all removing w/ my cleansing balm, no rubbing, scratching or tugging at the delicate skin around eyes. HIGHLY RECOMMEND for a mood boost, an AWESOME GIFT FOR THE GLITTER GURL IN YR LIFE or simply a fancy touch to finish a look, b/c you deserve it!!

Beautiful skin

Really like this product it moisturizes and makes the skin look and feel beautiful. P.S. I am over 50 so it is great for mature skin. I am a huge fan of all Touch in Sol products!

Dry skin

Is so perfect for my dry skin 🥰since I had it I don’t have more problems with it


I would like to receive the product !

Best Primer

I have tried so many different primers and got this in my Ipsy bag years ago and fell in love. It makes your face feel so soft and smooth without the sticky feeling like some primers give. It pairs perfectly with my Fenty matte foundation. Must have

Different than before

Not sure if y’all chanGed the product but nothing but oil comes out of it when I pump my new primer not the pink stuff that’s inside

a good deal

this is the first makeup product I've ever bought online and also the first time I've spent more than $10 on makeup and this was def worth the money! the little extra packet of rose water oil stuff they sent along with the primer smelled nice but made me break out kind of badly, but the primer itself has been amazing and makes my bad skin look almost flawless.

Style Black Gel-Liner With Diamond

Mini Magic Mascara Duo Set

Great mascara

I've found other mascaras that I like, but this one is by far the the best! It makes it look like I'm not wearing mascara at all... just looks like I have really beautiful long eyelashes!

Best one yet.

First time I've tried this cream was in my first BoxyCharm subscription . Completely fell in love with it. Makes my skin feel so soft during winter.

sachet samples

great samples for travels:-)

Poreblem Prime Essence

i love it :)

No Poreblem Priming Water.

overall I love the product :)


Lightweight and feels wonderful. Even better it does not make me break out which is unusual for moisturizer for me.

Fill Up Orange & Pink Parade Eyeshadow Palette


I love these! Beautiful shimmer. I get so many compliments when I use this with my eyeshadows.

Excellent moisturizer

I bought this on a whim, but I have been so pleased with it! The consistency is more of a gel-cream. It absorbs well without feeling greasy and I like the scent. Very good product!

No PoreBlem Primer

Wrong color

I ordered Jardin, which as the name implies Is a greenish brown. This is my 4th Jardin eyeliner, so I am totally familiar with the shade. What I got was a brown pencil with no hint of the previous shade. I got no customer service assistance… Finally had to reach out to PayPal.

Happy with my purchases