Always exciting, forever unique, and yet totally practical products that infuse fun and function into your daily routine. Beauty should never be boring and neither should you!

Touch In Sol was created and founded in Seoul, South Korea, and began out of a desire to highlight the energy and artistic nature of the city. (And all of the trends that start there.) Our founder, Sean K Lim, constantly has his eye on what innovative ingredients and ideas are the next step for Touch In Sol, and the beauty world in general, keeping the brand at the forefront of beauty innovation.  

Sean, and Touch in Sol move at the speed of beauty.  Side note, but you need to know…Sean is super hands-on and insists on trying every single product himself to test for texture, shade, delivery and  quality, from cleansers to concealers, moisturizers to mascaras.

For product junkies who shy away from serious brands and serious investment, Touch In Sol is a welcome change of pace, creating serious beauty, but refusing to take itself too seriously. This means the brand focuses on fun, affordable products that are made for girls on the go. The brand produces everything from skincare to cosmetics, all of which use natural + botanical ingredients – you won’t find anything on the no-no list here.

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