Frequently Asked Questions

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Access to the Log in page and click the 'Forgot your password?' button.

You can reset your password according to the instructions.

If you fail to log in, please contact the customer service and we will check it for you.


Yes, you can also purchase(order) as a member/non-member.

You can explore touch in SOL more conveniently if you sign up as a member.

 1. Sign up and experience various benefits of the Rewards Program.

 2. You don't have to enter a shipping address for each order.

 3. Receive member exclusive event and promotion information via e-mail.


Please contact to our below customer service email address.

If your order is not sent out from our warehouse, we can refund your order without any problem.

If your order is already sent out from our warehouse, you need to return the product to our warehouse and we can make a refund once we check the product is not opened and undamaged. We will be able to help on this through email correspondence.

Rewards Program

You can check our rewards program benefits below!



Please contact to our customer service email so we can help you out to find your delivery or send you new product.