Rouge Fondue Lipstick

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Melting system. Color lasting. Color coating with smoothness! Solid to liquid.



Shape memory lipstick that responds to temperature, melting smoothly when in contact with lips and keeps glowing as the temperature maintains - Melts on contact with lip’s natural temperature of 28 degree Celsius, 82 degree Fahrenheit!

1. Vivid coloring and lump free texture

2. Water holding system formulated with mango, Shea butter and coconut butter

3. Melts instantly with lip contact

4. Double melting moisture system – unique technology that allows the formula to react to lips’ natural temperature to maintain a bouncy, glossy look

How To Use

Apply on the inside of lips’ center  glide along the lip to make nature look.

Apply on the whole lips evenly for the vivid and sensual lips


Mango, cocoa butter, shea butter

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Volume 4.5g
Sub Category LIPSTICK
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